Hi there! Im Carolien Visser, 26 years old living in the Netherlands (Almelo) and what a coincidence it is that my last name begins with the same two letters as the product I deliver with my company 🙂 This website shows all the work I’ve made from out of my own name (CAVIDEO) ánd productions I made with partners or from out of other companies. I don’t really like to promote or talk about myself, I rather let my work talk for me… But I guess the page ‘about’ needs some kind of explanation about the person behind all these video content. So here you go!


Why im talking English? Well, I’ve combined my two biggest passions; Sports & Video. Im working a lot for international sports & people… and let’s face it… English just sounds a lot better (especially in video’s) ;-). I love making creative concepts that goes together with a video production that tells a story. Im never ‘just making a video’, I create a concept that tells a story, and a video production is the outcome. That is why the combination with sports is gold for me. Not only because im a hyperactive person who is obsessed with sports in any kind of way… but also because sports is emotion.. and telling a story is all about emotion.


So im the owner of CAVIDEO where I work for clients as; UnScared CrossFit, Mud Masters & several other companies focussed on sports, I am the co-owner of Sports2Visuals (together with Lisa Deen) which is the company behind the brand and online series  The Hard Way To Success , and im proudly working for the Royal Dutch Gymnastics Federation as a content specialist. I can almost hear you think; isn’t that a bit too much for one person? Well, yes and no. I love working hard and as I said before, I have a high level of energy which I love to use in my work! And yes, that’s me in this picture below lifting heavy weights at a CrossFit competition in Marseille. I love to work hard in everything I do, so training day in day out to get the most out of myself in this sport is also something that suits me well.


And yes that last picture of me together with my friend and top level gymnast Eythora Thorsdottir is also casual Caro. The Hard Way To Success is a crossmedia concept I came up with a couple of years ago, and now it is a two million times viewed documentary series on YouTube and well known (clothing) brand in the world of gymnastics. Im very proud to have create a platform for heroes to tell their stories that inspires generations of people. And my face in that picture says it all… I am only working for and with poeple I can laugh with! 🙂

Wanna know more about me, wanna have a cup of coffee (yes I LOVE coffee) wanna talk about work, of wil je liever in het Nederlands met mij kennismaken? Don’t hesitate to contact me via my website or social media!