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THWTS / The story behind the mental game in gymnastics
Aftermovie Dutch Gymnastics The Finals Ahoy 2019
Reebok NL – Womensday – Be You.
One step closer to Stuttgart – The Force is Grace
Het nijntje Beweegdiploma – de basis voor de rest van je leven
The young Esra Moss – The CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown
UnScared Affiliate Cup Recap
Reebok 24 hours Be More Human teaser
CrossFit Open 19.4 Announcement – The Lowlands Throwdown
The athlete Elwin ter Avest – CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown
A Touch of Gold 2018 – ZIGGO DOME
SilverStrength 50+ Training
UnScared new T-shirt
Episode#1 The Force is Grace to Tokyo
Your journey starts here. The Dutch Throwdown 2018
THWTS Episode 26 – Vera van Pol
C1 – crossfit event “the last athlete standing”
We are UnScared
Univé GymGala – Trailer 2016
Roetgerink making of fashionshoot
The Hard Way To Success – Rea Lenders – Episode 22
WK Turnen 2017 preview – Epke Zonderland
Unleas your inner strength – Project CrossFit Ghana
Olympic Champion Sanne Wevers – One year later…
We are the ones – FC TWENTE Vrouwen
UnScared CrossFit – Reebok Nano 8 flexweave review
A Touch Of Gold 2017 – Ziggo Dome – Samenvatting
The Dutch Throwdown – Trailer 2017/2018
The Dutch Throwdown 2018 – Aftermovie
NK Turnen 2017 Ahoy Rotterdam – Social Video
VSCO’61 Kampioenen 2016/2017
Episode 25 – Andreas Toba – The Hard Way To Success
FunPark Meppen
WK Turnen 2017 preview – Bram Verhofstad
Golden Episode – Giulia Steingruber – The Hard Way To Success
The Dutch Throwdown 2017 – Aftermovie
This is what makes me stronger – Eythora
Het Ravijn – Zwem, Sport & Zorg

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Who is Carolien? I hate talking about myself…
I rather work and let others talk about me;

Creative, enthusiastic, hyperactive and especially passionate about sports and editing: that’s how you best describe Carolien Visser. If you are searching for some great editing skills and creative concepting ideas, you can stop searching now. Just ask Carolien to have a quick brainstorm session (and give her some coffee) with you and you’re guaranteed to receive the best possible result![/vc_column_text][vc_btn title=”FOLLOW MY LIFE :-)” shape=”square” color=”turquoise” link=”|title:FOLLOW%20MY%20LIFE||”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_single_image image=”106″ img_size=”500×500″ alignment=”right”][/vc_column][/vc_row]